First Ever Bridal Sale!

First Ever Bridal Sale!

My friends at L’elegante are doing something truly unheard of, they are having their FIRST EVER BRIDAL SALE!

Brands like Dorian Ho, items including bridesmaid veils and accessories will be considerably reduced! Perfect timing for all those spring, summer weddings! Think what you could do with all the savings?.. A bigger, longer honeymoon? The bridal car your future husband always wanted to have?

Accessories One Sale Now!

Accessories One Sale Now!

And the best bit? You don’t have to compromise on your dream designer dress! Have the best of all worlds and see Marie at L’elegante! Sale finishes 13th of September.

Have a particular style of dress you are trying to find? Why not give her a call on +61 2 93283773 or email her an image at!

Don’t forget the mother of the bride! Marie has all the latest trends and siloquette knowledge to ensure the perfect fit.

P.S. Hint, hint future husband, want to go dress shopping with me today?


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Kasia Stelmach as Marlene Moon in The Great Gatsby

Kasia Stelmach (aka RED)  as Marlene Moon in The Great Gatsby

I recently received an email from a friend. Now what he asked me, struck me at the core. No one really sees this part of what we do, those who genuinely love this industry; Film, TV – The Camera. So I thought, I would share my answer in the hope that people will better understand we don’t live in a world of dreams and there is a harsh reality. But, we know what we want – grins. How many people on this earth can say the same?

Never-stop-Dreaming-daydreaming-20570456-500-309“I need some advice from you. I’ll try to keep this short. Recently, I decided it’s time I get back into the modelling scene. So, I sent pics to 2 agencies and one called me back within 10min which was a surprise. They got me to come in but, said I was too big for fashion modelling. I go to gym to look good and also for camera but I’m too big now. Ironic isn’t it? lol. Anyways, they said they want me to do commercial modelling, as I fit the type – apparently. I got cast as an extra in 2 weeks, which was also a shock but, a good one.  Here’s where I’m stuck. It’s on a Wednesday and I work fulltime. I don’t mind taking work off but, can’t make a habit of it. How did you make the transition from your other job to your acting career?? Or does it allow you to do both? And any tips for making the change? I was thinking maybe taking up a few part-time jobs to free up some time perhaps? Sorry about the long msg. I hope you have been amazingly well.  Oh and it’s great to hear about your detox, you will feel amazing at the end – if you don’t already. I look forward to hearing back from you”

— From Matt

My response, to be honest there is no transition. I work 24hrs a day, up to 7 days some weeks and I wish I was joking. I had to make a choice to give up the corporate world. I sat down and said to myself, if I lost this current job would I be heart-broken? My gut did nothing. Then I asked myself, if I had to give up film and go to a desk job, would I be heart-broken? And I mean heart-broken, more than all the rejections this industry could throw at me? My guts twisted, I got teary. There’s my answer. Film has got me hooked, addicted and utterly in love with it. So I made a pact with myself to do whatever it took. If that meant working in a bar some nights, sales, freelance marketing – I’d do it. If I had to be away from my friends and family – I would do it. You have to make yourself flexible but, you have to be honest with your employers. In reality, the best way to explain it is, that I’m constantly battling an internal chess game; what I have to do to survive and what I can’t live without or love to do – film. It’s not easy, it’s actually bloody hard. Some nights I’d come home and burst into tears from sheer exhaustion and there is no one who understands why you do it. Or no one in my case who can pick up the slack, I’m on my own. Yet, the rewards make everything worth wild, The Great Gatsby and The Wolverine for one! It’s my wonderland, it’s an industry that makes me feel like I’ve come home. So, if this is something you seriously want to do, get ready for the chess match of your life – literally.

Hope this helps the many dreamers out there.

………………………………………………………..XOX RED

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Who said cars are the only ones that need a service every so hundred miles? I recently came to the conclusion that people, more importantly, bodies, need one too.

Broken Knee :(

Broken Knee 😦

At the start of the year I broke my knee – not cool – with a dramatic story to follow for another time. Combine this with my increasingly hectic schedule and ambition to get my stunt accreditation … To say I am pushing limits is putting it lightly. But I’m not the only one. There are students out there studying and working around the clock, mothers taking care of families, working, giving. Entrepreneurs stretching the minutes to work, to finance a life’s work, gym junkies, junkying … And then there are our bodies who take a beating just to get us through to the next second, the next job, the next moment untill we can finally rest.  In between this organised chaos, we fit in food. In my organised chaos, it’s anything I can find in those spare, fleeting, moments, and it’s definitely not always nutritious or sustainable.

One lady that relates to this and watches my daily struggle is Marie Linker. She is one woman I admire and has been my confidant through thick and thin. But, most importantly she is my style mentor. One day popping in for our bi-weekly reunion, Marie, suggested I try Isagenixs to re-tune myself. Knowing  how I hate gimicks and fads, money-making schemes and anything that resembles “Amway”, Marie just said, “give it a go… It’s only 30 Days, no long-term commitment”. Not only that if you don’t see health results, you get your money back – guaranteed. Sounds good right? Feeling a little suss, I spoke to Jill at head office. She confirmed Marie’s information and so I thought why not? I’ll give it a go. But, (and there is always a but) I thought I would document my journey to see how viable it really is. Yes the success stories blow your mind; people reaching their physical peak or loosing immense amounts of weight. The question is, can I sustain this? Is this right for me and my body? Will it work with my schedule and social life? Will it conflict with my sugar condition? The proof will be in my pudding… or lack their of. So follow me as I test this out.

My measurements in the beginning and it pains me to write this (no one wants to declare their true measurements):

Bust: 87cm

Waist: 65cm

Hips: 95cm


Core Isagenixs products

Day 1

Breakfast: ISA Lean Shake + ISA Accelerator + ION Shot

Snack: Banana + ISA Flush tablet

Lunch: Prosciutto, camembert & Hommus sandwich on garlic sourdough

Snack: ISA Lean Bar + ISA Accelerator

Dinner: ISA Lean Shake

Supper: ISA Flush Tablet.

Schedule: Work at Designer Suit Label 9am – 5pm, 7pm off to a friend’s place for DVDs and rest.

Feelings: Over energised, couldn’t get to sleep at night, felt as if I had consumed a pack of Redbulls. Overall, slightly bloated and restless.


Day 2

Breakfast: ISA Lean Shake + ISA Accelerator + ION Shot

Snack: 6 Almonds + ISA Flush tablet

Lunch: Wonton soup

Snack: Celery sticks + ISA Accelerator

Dinner: ISA Lean Shake

Supper: ISA Flush + ISA Flush Tablet.


7:15am-12pm on a TV set for a new TV series

1:30-3:15pm cold read for a new shot film and meeting

4:00-5pm home to answer emails + nana nap

5:40-7:15 pm Parkour & Hard Candy Gym session

7:20-9:30pm Event Cinema watching “The Heat”

10pm admin time

Feelings: Deflated, craving coffee like hell. Really tired but, that could be due to struggling to fall asleep the night before. Plus side, my senses feel more alert. I’m feeling lighter and I’m not having any bloating, heaviness or discomfort I normally get when I eat. My sugar condition, which is a sugar intolerance to natural and artificial sugars is regulated, to be honest, better than normal. No migraines or pain, which is really unlike my body.


Unlike most people who tend to go on Isagenixs, I don’t want to lose immense amounts of weight. I just want to get toned. I’m looking to reset my sugar levels, regulate my hormones from food and reduce my susceptibility to illness and injuries from training with my busy life. I want to return to my physical peak. To click a reset button.

Day 1, 30 Days to go!

Day 1, 30 Days to go!

Hopefully 30 days Later

Hopefully 30 days Later

To check out the products visit

See you in another two days – xox RED

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It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night in Sydney’s CBD. I’ve just finished work, had Japanese and heading home. Walking down Pitt St, I have no expectation for any shops to be open but, kill me. I’m a girl and I could think of nothing better to cap my day then looking at shiny objects and delighting in a bargain or two. But, this is Australia. Shops aren’t open past 6pm on Tuesdays… unless it’s FOOD.

Thai T-Shirts

Oh, so you would think. An initiative by the D.I.T.P (Department of International Trade Promotion – Ministry of Commerce Royal Thai Government) and the city of Sydney, have brought us a slice of Thailand’s renowned bargain markets. And guess what? It’s open till 10pm, if not later – weekdays and weekends. Offering men’s street wear, under garments, a hair salon, accessories, movie & DVDs, money transfer, women’s street wear, handcrafts, handbags, freight export & imports, beach wears, THAI MASSAGE, make-up & cosmetics, Asian groceries, vitamins & supplements plus much more! I feel like I’m on a holiday at a midnight market yet, I can walk home!

Thai Massage

The market is called Chatuchak JJ Markets and its located at 425 Pitt St, Haymarket, NSW 2000. For a small fee of $36, I picked myself up the cutest pair of black and gold slip on flats. Not bad therapy after a day’s work! And at a fraction of the price of a shrink. This definitely brings a new meaning to “walk it off sister”. Accessories are as low as $5, but the design concepts are incredible. One that caught my eye, was a necklace made from leather throng and the internal mechanics of a watch. The composition of brown leather, brass and stainless steel cogs really caught my eye.

Then there are those DVDs Thailand is renowned for. I could continue to rave about this kitsch wonderland though, it would really be easier if you just checked it out for yourself.

They have a facebook link “jj markets” and a website

See you there after work ladies!

……………………………XOX RED

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Ayurveda – Holistic Healing: Massage, Meditation, Nutrition & A Facial In One

I feel out of whack. And yeah I’m tired but, it’s more than that. It’s not like I don’t get enough sleep, or as if I’m starving myself – my brain and my body are just not computing. Stressed? Maybe. Anxious? Sometimes. Worried I’m aging before my time? Totally. So what’s wrong with me and all my friends that play me this line, like a broken record, every time we meet?

Apparently, like all apple products, we are not syncing our hardware to our software. Our minds and bodies are running in spite of each other, instead of as one. And, at this rate it’s not going to run for long… till something gives! That something, is called a mental break down. The solution a mental software upgrade, Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, is a holistic approach to health, healing, beauty and overall mental wellbeing. Demi Moore speaks openly on the treatment saving her from an unbalanced life-style and pulling her from rock bottom. So what exactly is it? No, it’s not rehab but then again, in some ways – it is.

Rita Sagrani

Rita Sagrani

Rita Sagrani from the Ayurveda Wellness Centre, Bondi Junction, invited me inside to learn more. Besides being credited in magazines RUSSH, Cleo, Grazia, Marie Claire, Rita explains, that Ayurveda is a 5-6,000 year old exact science of healing – not a fad treatment. It is a traditional system of healing from India that looks at relationships with the external world of people, weather, food, colour, as well as our relationships with ourselves. Doctors study in excess of 5 years, to practise techniques that interlock yoga, vedic astrology and vedic architecture.

Practitioners understand the world in energetic terms and seek to balance the three basic energies in the body-mind called Doshas. The three Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha and everyone is a different composition of these three. Once you have found out your unique Dosha body-type, you can then balance it out by changing your diet and life-style.

For example; a person dominant in Vata is sensitive to cold, prone to worry, more highly strung and more likely to suffer from dry skin and constipation. These people do better with warm, moist food, warm living conditions, regular routines and ample down-time to clear the mind.

So, naturally, I had my Doshas mapped out with an introductory treatment to see first hand the results that can be achieved. Treatments use the 5-senses; food as medicine, massage with custom medicated, herbs and oils, aromatherapy, music and colour therapy.

My particular treatment started with my feet being soaked in warm water infused with herbs and massaged. Oil was then dripped onto my scalp and worked in, focusing on pressure points. I was then taken to a bed carved out of a solid piece of wood. A continuous stream of customised oil was poured all over my body. The idea is that the oil penetrates deeply into the tissues, softens the skin, mobilizes impurities and benefits stiff joints, sore muscles and fatigue. My body was then wiped clean with a hot compress. This process was complimented with music therapy and I must admit, your mind does drift into a type of outer body experience – no joke.

Treatment Room

Treatment Room

Now most treatments in a day spa would end here – not Ayurveda. A separate candle lit room awaited me for a further half-hour of music therapy. I was advised to meditate or simply clear my mind of all the junk I had accumulated. After 15 minutes, a lovely practitioner brought me organic pumpkin soup and crusty bread. This was complimented with a herbal tea to aid digestion and to keep the body warm as the oils continued to penetrate deeper within my skin.

After a total of two and a half hours, I left the centre feeling celebrated, with peace of mind and a sense of purpose. To think this was only an introductory session?!

So what’s the damage to the wallet? Nothing more than your usual sports massage and even less than day spa. Customised treatments range from $65 to $300. Additionally, you can arrange to see the doctor to exactly map out your Doshas and have food, plants, herbs and oils prescribed to balance them out. Ayurveda doctors can also use your pulse to see whether certain organs are under performing and prescribe a life-style plan to re-sync everything.

It has been a week since my treatment and it’s the first time I’ve actually received compliments about how fresh, energetic and happy I come across. I am looking forward to investigating this wellness doctrine further and letting you know whether the results are sustainable.

XOX RED………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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Dorian Ho Collection

Tucked away in Sydney’s forgotten Double Bay, a little boutique heads an international style trend; wearable, workable old-world class with today’s sex appeal. L’Elegante, founded by Marie, specializes in evening wear that leaves everything to the imagination and nothing short of seduction.

If you are looking for bridesmaids dresses and or mother of the Bride outfits, Marie can customize, import, style and even design exactly what you need. Although L’Elegante is known for it’s exceptional bridal service, it is their celebrity styling which many clients flock for.

Having dressed Jennifer Hawkins and a series of recent Miss Universe hopefuls, actresses and musicians, L’Elegante, has a tried and true formula to make your appearance linger in the minds of others.

Fashion Aid: Kasia Stelmach & Silvana Lovin

Marie travels twice a year to Italy and France to bring back the latest designs from such designers as Valentino, Pronovias Couture and Dorian Ho. In-store, L’Elegante offers hand beaded evening wear individually designed for you and has a large range of “ready to wear” on hand, for that last-minute occasion.


Labels such as Valentino (Italy), Dorian Ho Couture (Hong Kong), Hand Beaded Gowns (India) – Designed by L’Elegante, Pronovias Cocktail collection (Barcelona) – And introducing a new collection by Claudio Couture for L’Elegante

Claudio Couture Butterfly Dress

Valentino Butterfly Dress


Quality, Style, Colour for beautiful hand beaded fabrics and garments that are individually designed just for you. Choose from over 400 colours. For a private fitting, please call their Double Bay boutique, where their professional staff will gladly assist you.


Shop 24, 22-24 Knox St, Double Bay, NSW 2028.
Ph 02 93283773 E:


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I feel as if you ripped this from my mind and painted it in words I could never. No truer words have ever been spoke… “It’s ok, you’re not broken.”


I have wanted to write about this for a long time.  I have so much to say about it. The problem is that I don’t have any stories about it– not that I am willing to share, at least. The world belongs to people who have the best stories.  Sexual liberation belongs to women who are willing to stand up and say “I have sex! I have this much sex with this many people, and it’s okay!” or  “I dress like this, so take that society!” Purity, modesty, and all that is pro-Virgin power comes from personal testimonies and Conservatively told bible stories.

And then there’s me.

Of course, I admire people who do tell their stories. They have changed my life, and the world really does belong to them.  Stories have a neat way of improving social consciousness, evolving into full-blown movements. [Insert Pokemon evolution joke here?].


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